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World Enemy

This is the fourth album dropped. Just about each song gets into God’s word. This CD can enlighten anyone who listens to it about God, Jesus, and the Bible, but there are explicit lyrics.

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Pouring Glasses & Thumping Ashes

This is the third album dropped. ¬†Life got better for BIZURCH so he started rapping about doing it up and going all out. This CD It’s your typical rap CD about money, cars, drugs and hustling.

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Everything to Die For

This is the second album dropped. This CD expresses how life can deal you a messed up hand in general and how BIZURCH was going through some stressful things in his life and dealing with it.

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Burch Made – Made to tha Fullest

This album is the first album BIZURCH dropped. This album is a dedication album to all the ones who stayed by his side when times were rough and helped him become who he is today.

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